Maxine Willocks

Trauma was the catalyst that pushed me towards the self-care aspect of Health and Wellness. Now guide women to become unstuck from toxic situations, relationships, and environments through self-care. She combines her expertise with fitness and nutrition with the study of natural healing.



UX Designer

UI Designer


Adobe XD


Editor X


May 2021 - June 2021

Problem Statement

How can we represent Maxine Willocks?

I was brought in as a designer to bring a foundation for the brand of Maxine Willocks. What Maxine needed was someone to take the time to understand her vision, and communicate it visually. The delieverables of this project consisted of providing a visual identity via style guide, as well as a new website design.

With the Style Guide solidified, this was able to tremedously help with the direction of the website. Working with the constraints of Shopify builder, there was only so much to do other than bring consistency together and provide value through all pages in the shortest road map and user flow. 



Stage 5

Qualitative research

User Interview

A modified design sprint was refined to accustom all our time zone differences and schedules as the most efficient approach to unite all minds together while receiving input from the founder and CTO. The schedule would go as follows:


Stage 1 - Map

Stage 2 - Sketch

Stage 3 - Decide

Stage 4 - Wireframe

Stage 5 - Prototyping

Stage 6 - User Testing

Stage 7 - Insights

How might we make investments fun?


Break down content to be manageable and bite-size?


Personalize the user’s financial journey towards becoming a better investor? 

Developing the Style Guide

Based on my interview analysis with Maxine, I was able to develop a mental vision of what Maxine was striving for.


We spent the week prototyping a demo enough to navigate a free-flowing user flow for a new user and sign up and access the dashboard.


We had developed a working demo featuring. Due to the nature of the project, the demo is unavailable for showing:


  • User Flow primary from new user to My Finliti (Dashboard) 

  • Questionnaire 

  • Map overview

  • Mission set overview 


Wrapping Up


The project was handed over to another Springboard team to handle Stages 6 & 7, user testing and insights. An overall great experience with handling scheduling, working collaboratively and communicating across all boards. 

We found references and demos we thought were interesting, using connection and base to our idea. 

Stage 2

Qualatitive research